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Who Is Imsodliteful And Why a Blog?

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As an overworked mom and wife, I know firsthand the relentless grind of daily life. 2020 was the year of the pandemic and also the year tragedy struck on another level—a devastating loss that threatened to engulf me completely. During the chaotic pandemic, I lost my oldest daughter to a drug overdose.  It was devastating!


Simultaneously, my business shut down temporarily, leaving me adrift without a clear path forward. Life felt unbearable.


But I couldn’t surrender. I couldn’t let my other daughter down (the daughter in my Tik Toks dancing videos @imsodliteful and @imsodlitefultv).  I also couldn't disappoint my heavenly daughter by giving up at life.


So, in the midst of spiraling chaos, I turned to an unexpected outlet: Tik tok not only Tik tok but Tik Tok dancing. Yes, you read that right—I found solace and escape through TikTok dancing and skits.


Not professional dancing I'm afraid.  Even though I would love to be a professional dancer!  Tik Tok became my refuge, a place where I could momentarily forget the pain and connect with others.  I learned early on that escaping reality in a healthy fashion was a form of self care.  I also worked out and received grief therapy when I wasn't online.  And I can't leave out the biggest tool in my tool box - Prayer!


God’s double blessing came through, granting me a platform to share my truth and live my life in an authentic way by making the world my stage.


I realized through my escape that I hadn’t been balancing work and life effectively because I hadn’t prioritized self-care and self-love.


This blog is a love project—a space where women and men can come together as a community of encouragers and motivators. And encourage a each other to sit down and reflect.


Our mission? To pass the torch to the next generation while nurturing our own happiness through self-care and managing our well-being

Imsodliteful -Behind It All 

It all starts with my daughters—the ones I affectionately called my big baby and lil baby.  They are the most precious gifts from God, guiding and guarding my heart. 


Even though my big baby is no longer here on earth, she lives in my heart.  And my lil baby (22 year old as of 2024-this article) she is the reason I keep going.  She is now the age of her sister that passed away to early.  In July my youngest will have outlived her sister and I know that will be another hill of emotions for me and I'm sure for her as well.  The goal for me now as a mother is to show my daughter the importance of self care and just how to do it with grace and style. 


Thank you, Dear Lord, for allowing me to raise them both,  I thank you for their innocence and purity that touched my soul.  And yes, for those teenage years—let’s just say they were an adventure! But no matter what, they’ll always be my babies, forever etched in my heart.  I pray that I may go on to touch others and bring joy to their hearts and provide continuous comfort through my words, thoughts and deeds.


Mommy Love You!

To My Heavenly Baby and My India 


Meet Me

Hi my name is Katina.  I am a wife, mom and entrepreneur.

I have been an entrepreneur for over 30 years and a mother to two daughters, Isis and India. Unfortunately, I lost my oldest daughter to a drug overdose in 2020, which has been the most difficult experience of my life. Coping with such a loss has been a daily journey with its ups and downs. Despite the trauma attached to grief, I started this blog to have real conversations with real people about real-life situations and everyday living. I'm excited to share my life journey with you, including tips and tricks, DIY projects, and information on how to age gracefully. Let's embark on a path of personal growth together.

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Contact Me

I am excited to share that my journey is just beginning as I have decided to pursue the art of influencing seriously.


I promise to always keep it real and share my knowledge on aging gracefully through self-care videos on my YouTube channel. Stay tuned for upcoming podcast and subscribe to my site for blog updates. I am diving into lifestyle and self-care branding and would love to work together.

Please contact me at for business inquiries



Want to gift me or send items my

PO Box 42611 Charlotte, NC 28215




below. Thank you! -IMSODLITEFUL.

Tik Tok 1.2 Mill
Instagram 33
Facebook 3459
You Tube 110K

Tik Tok 1.2 Mill
Instagram 416k-499K
Facebook 419K-453K
You Tube 180K-230K

The SOCIAL MEDIA Journey Of Imsodliteful


At the age of 48, the pandemic hit me hard. I lost my beloved 22-year-old daughter, Isis, to a Fentanyl overdose, and my business, which I had owned for over 30 years, temporarily shut down. It was a tough time, and depression was evident. However, God still held me up and alllowed me to find solace in an app called TikTok, which helped me cope and survive through it all.  I also started grieving therapy that helped tremendously


At the age of 50, I've adopted the slogan #50fine and have become an influencer with over 1 million followers on TikTok. It's been a surreal experience to be recognized on the streets and I've decided to expand my reach by adding Facebook and YouTube to my journey. I've already gained 300K followers on Facebook and 75K on YouTube. It's amazing how much fun it can be to get to know yourself. My daughter, who is no longer with us, has her own hashtag #itiktokforantrell, which has reached 50.4M. My other daughter is also joining me on TikTok and discovering the joys of being an influencer.


At 49, I am known for being confident, grown, and sexy, as reflected in my hashtag #49andfine. With almost 750K followers on Tik Tok, I am discovering new and interesting sides of myself through this online journey. Despite grieving my daughter, I found the confidence to let go and carry her with me on my journey of self-discovery. I also expanded my salon business tenfold after relocating to a larger building and working with a lab on hair.


Welcome to my blog! As we enter 2023, I'm excited to announce that I'll be starting long-form content on my YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe and check it out! While I still have my salon and hair extensions business, I haven't promoted any products on my social channels. However, that's changing in 2024 with the launch of my styling product line for women and men. I've been focusing on healing and being my authentic self on social media, but it's time to take this job more seriously and create intentional content while having fun. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to quit my day job. Let's see what the future holds!

Just For Fun

I'm A 

Cancer and a Homebody


Quirky, Loyal, Funny

My Guilty Pleasure

I lazy CEO days at home (in bed!)


Binge Out On My Blog 

Its okay if you bing out with me.  I can be your guilty pleasure.  Self care is very important and we can do this transformation together.  So go get you a cup a coffee and doughnut and let's catch up!

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