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Curvy & Confident

Being curvy and confident isn't a small feat. People think its such an easy job but it really takes some time to develop that type of confident when the world is telling you that you don't fit in the status quo. Sure you fit in some cultural aspects but that's still not everywhere. So to develop that confidence take developing your mental state. .

Being curvy and confident is something the many women strive for everyday. While it may not always be easy, with a few simple tips, you can find your inner confidence.

Get Rid Of Negative Self Talk

Start by getting rid of any negative self-talk. Its all too easy to fall into the habit of tearing yourself down, but replacing it with positive self-talk is the best way to boost your confidence. Remind yourself of all you are capable of and of all the unique qualities that make you unique.

Confidence Starts In Your Mindset

Everything starts in your mindset. We encourage you to work the best version of you. I struggled with self esteem issues for many years. In my later years I gained a great amount of confidence, because I began to understand I was only wasting time waiting on something to change. I needed to change some things before the something could change. I had to change my mindset.

Dress Up Your Curves

Focus on dressing for your body type. This doesn't mean that you should try to hide your curves, but rather figure out what flatters your shape. A flattering wardrobe can do wonders for confidence. It's important to know what clothing fits your body.

Engage in positive self care practices. Doing things like getting regular hair care, exercise, and eating a balanced diet can all contribute to feeling good about yourself. Engage in activities that make you feel good about yourself such as yoga, meditation, or other type of activity that helps you relax.

Being a curvy black woman in America is already a lot.

Adding confidence required you to really stand in your greatness. A lot of people are not going to like that. So......

Who cares! It's up to you to establish your mark in the world. And only you know what that looks like. So, walk in your greatness with your head held high.


Finally remember that you are more than your body. Your body is only one part of a whole. Focus on the things that make you unique, like your talents, hobbies and passions. Cultivating a connection with yourself beyond your physical appearance which will help you achieve true confidence.

By encountering daily obstacles on your path to curvy and confident, never forget that you always have the power to be happy with who you are!

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