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Curvy Fashion

Best Fall Dresses For Curvy Women: Fall Fashion For Fabulous Curves| Embrace The Season In Style!




Katina Foster

Katina Foster is an over 50, confident, curvy, fun, lifestyle blogger and entrepreneur.  Katina focus is on healing through self care and self love.  

If you've followed me for any time at all then you know that I love a nice form fitting dress.  But what you don't know is that if the stretch is not super stretchy then I will gladly pass.  My hips is easily 50 inches and fluctuates between 48 and 50 inches.  So a stretch dress with great fabric is essential for comfort when you have a smaller waist to hip ratio.  But life is not always that easy.  So if the stretch is not there then its important to look at the style and cut of the dress.  I'm sure I'm not by myself when it comes to positioning your curves for comfort.

Shopping with a lot of curves can be intimidating at first.  But it's important to know what fabrics work well for you.  It's also important to know what style of dress works with your curves.  

Get ready to slay this Autumn season with our best fall dresses for the mature, curvy women.

As the leaves changes colors and the pumpkin spice lattes make their grand return, it's time to revamp our wardrobes for fall.  And guess what? We've got your back!

Sure, its easy to just stick your head in the sand and just throw on a pair of comfy sweats.  But that's not going to look to good at the holiday parties that's coming up.  Choosing the dress is the first step we still have to style the dress which is another layer of effort when it comes to curves.  But hey I'm your girl and we are going to get the job done.


Fall Curvy  Dresses

Fall Colored Curvy Dresses

Fall is all about colors girl!  It's important to look for rich deep colors when shopping for autumn fashion.  Long sleeves, one sleeves,  off-the shoulder dresses are great fall styles for us curvy girls.  Dark grey, greens, jewel tones, burgundy, and corals are great colors just to name a few.  

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