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5 Steps To Find Your Happy | Joy Always Come In The Morning

Happiness is not as hard as we think. The problem is that we think way too much. Sometimes its just about "being".

Happy is such a fleeting emotion. The real journey is holding on to your joy. By holding on to your joy the happy will follow.

  1. Start with self-care. Make sure to take some time out of each day to do something that you enjoy, that relaxes and recharges you. Whether its a favorite activity, listening to your favorite music, or simply giving yourself a break from busyness and take a walk, make sure you taking care of yourself physically and mentally. Dance and sing.

2. Connect with friends, family, and loved ones. Building and maintaining social connections is key to being happy and fulfilled. Quality one =on-one time or group activities can reduce stress, build empathy and understanding , and provide valuable support in times of needs. Stay in touch with friends and family.

3. Find purposeful activities. Whether it's volunteering, a hobby, a job, or an educational course, purposeful and engaging activities can provide a sense of meaning, focus, and direction to life.

4. Practice gratitude. Writing down, talking about, or even just thinking about things that you're grateful for can help increase feelings of happiness and joy. Journaling brings joy.

5. Exercise and movement. Getting up and being active can really help boost your mood and energy levels. Don't fret if you're not into working out; anything from yoga, dancing, running, or just a good walk outside can help. Get moving.

6. Spend time in nature. Nature has a way of making things feel better. Even if its just a few minutes, spend time outdoors surrounded by nature to help clear your mind and reset. Reboot and Reset with Nature.

7. Cultivate healthy habits. Eating well, getting enough sleep, and taking time for relaxation can all help to make sure you're in good shape to pursue your goals and live a more balanced and fulfilled life.

Finding the joy in the small things in life is completely necessary. Self care is crucial in this process.

Go out and get that large frappucino. So what its full of calories. It's ok every now and then to indulge and do what you like. To not always be so responsible. But life about balance.

We have to keep it all in perspective but the point is that it's okay to indulge in yourself every now and again. Its ok to just turn the phone off and not take anyones call. its okay to just go to the park and feed the pigeons. Whatever feeds your soul at the moment. Even if that's a piece of chocolate cake. Eat the cake Annie Mae!

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