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Hi ImSodliteful

Welcome To The World Of Dlitefulness

I'm excited you've decided to join me on this journey. I plan on taking you on every part of it. The good and the bad. Hopefully there is more good than bad. I would first like to introduce myself. I am a 50 year old entrepreneur from Charlotte, NC.

My Daughters are My World

I have one daughter that's here on earth and another daughter that is now in heaven. My daughter that is here on earth with me is 21 years old and we do Tik Toks together in memory of her sister. She is very proud of who her sister was while on this earth despite her sisters need to fix other people brokenness. Her name was and is Isis. Isis heart was so pure and kind. She just hung with a lot of broken people which unfortunate brought her down. And landed her in a lot of unfortunate circumstances.

I love the both of my daughters. They are my heart and I am glad to be their mom. My daughter that is in heaven (Isis) passed away in in April of 2020 to a accidental drug overdose (laced with fentanyl).

My daughter here on earth (India) is an esthetician and is currently awaiting school to become a for medical esthetician. Her social instagram handle is @woah.india

I was devastated when I lost Isis (pic: on the far right) and the way that I healed my pain was through a lot of prayer, grief therapy, and Tik Tok. Tik Tok was my way of escaping my reality. Through this escape I gained 1 Million new friends and found myself. God works

mysterious ways for sure.

India (pic: on the far left) is very strong and ambitious like her mom. Keep an eye on her she is definitely going far.

India(L) Me(M) Isis(R)

I think it is safe to say that because of my age, youthfulness, confidence, and fearlessness people identified with me some how. But my life has always been about taking care of everyone else. Somehow in this journey I am finding ways to self-care. To put myself first. So this journey is personal and the only way I made it was by taking care of me and prioritizing me. That conveyed on camera and imsodliteful was born.

Im excited to continue this journey with all of you. I have big plans for the future me. I decided after my daughters death I will live my life out loud and not dim my light. Social media can make it hard to stay positive if you are not strong in your mind. My mental was challenge on every level and I can definitely say I came out of it shining like a diamond. I am very determined to not let the world break me.

I have met some really great people on my journey. I am truly excited to see what's in store for me in this new virtual world.

Me and India. insta: @woah.india continue to TikTok in the name of her sister

Is Imsodliteful Married?

I am married to a great man named Kj. He has supported me in this online journey. We have been together over 17 years #blacklove. He was in my daughter life the majority of her life and is a great step father and a great husband.

He has patiently allowed me to search myself in front of the whole world. (All while keeping guard lol.... If you know you know)

He even decided to give TikTok a try. And he found that he was good at it too. His social media handle is @Blackgunsenterprise on Facebook, TikTok and Instagram. Hopefully we can do alot more skits and videos together.

As a couple we have since crossed over all the social media platforms and have performed better than we could have ever imagined.

Through the trial and the evolution our marriage has become stronger.

So why stop now? We have only scratched the surface of what God has for us. I am following the natural progression God has for my life.

I am moving fearlessly and authentically. I am glad to take you on this journey with me. Lets go!

Kj and Katina

Are You An Influencer

Im still getting use to the so called Influencer lifestyle. I guess if you determine an influencer as someone who influence others then I would like to think I influence others to step outside of their comfort zone and live life to their fullest.

I truly believe God works in mysterious ways and I plan on walking in my path as aligned as possible to my blessings. I plan on taking each and every one of you along with me along the way through my journey of enlightenment.

If thats what being an influencer is then so be it. But what I know for sure I will continue to be is authentically me.

If you ready for that ride then hold tight and "Let's Go!"

From Tragedy to Enlightenment

If I could look back over my life and say what did I acomplish the answer would be "I healed by making the world my stage" - Katina Foster

Final Quote

Let's Go!!

I don't know where I got this quote but I'm going to use it in my own way. You got two choices "Let go or be dragged". I'm going to just say "Let go and Let's Go!!!!! "

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