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The Beginners Guide To Hair Extensions: How Much Hair Extensions & Cost How Long They Last?

I know you may be saying yourself "I don't know where to start". Well you are at the right place. Hair extensions is all the talk of the town now but no one really knows where to start if you are just starting out. So I am here to help. And the first question is always "How much do hair extensions cost?"

The first step is to analyze your own hair. And this may require the help of a professional. So off to the salon we go.

Choosing A Hair Extension Expert

When choosing a professional its easier than you think. Check their reviews! A lot of stylist are not as skilled as they claim to be so it is super important to check google reviews.

How Much Hair Extensions Cost

The cost of hair extensions can vary. Hair extensions can run anywhere from $200-$2000 depending on the type of hair extensions. A great place to look for Brazilian hair extensions is Pure Luxury Beauty Studio.

What's the healthiest hair extensions?

Most hair extensions that are applied without using any form of glue is best. This is because of the removal of the hair extension. If the removal of the hair extension is not done properly it can result in more damage. Always consult a hair professional.

I prefer the Microlinks method only because the link is applied and removed with pliers and a Microlinks bead. If performed correctly there is no damage.

I don't want my hair to break or damage due to hair extensions?

If you properly take care of your hair extensions your natural hair will not be damaged.

A Few Before And After Hair Extension Inspo

What are Beaded Hair Extensions

Beaded Hair extensions also known as Microlinks hair extensions and Seamless hair extensions among many names are all the craze. These Beaded hair extensions can be placed as rows or strands. The price vary based on the technique. Pure Luxury goes into more detail on what Microlinks hair extensions are and how much its cost.

How Much Are Beaded Hair Extensions?

Microlink hair extensions or beaded hair extensions can range anywhere from $100 per row to $10 per strand. Typically you need 3-5 rows or 100-150 strands for an average head. These cost does not necessarily include the hair especially at luxury hair extension locations.

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