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The Power Move

Hosted By Katina Foster

The Power Move 12week program  is a comprehensive content creation and strategic tool designed for influencers  and content creators to accelerate their growth, learn to merge their establish offline brand  and elevate their online presence.  To become a triple threat is not easy but I have the "secret sauce".   

I have over 30 years entrepreneur experience and have built a 2.5 million following over the last 3 years.


This program was designed as I merged my business alongside my personal brand.  While doing this I built 3 more business and continue to build their presence within the social arena. 


I am called the Self Care CEO Coach , because I've come to learn the power in work life balance.  And how important it is to take care of yourself when building your business and growing your business.   This is the very reason I grew so fast in the online space without even knowing that "I" was the secret sauce that made it all work.  That is where personal branding steps in.

Let me teach you everything I know without the burnout.  I'll show you how to navigate this online vs. offline lane that is rarely explained.   Within this program you will walk away with a strong personal brand or a strong business brand or both. 


I provide influencers with the resources and guidance they need to expand their following, engage with their audience, and build a loyal community.  through targeted marketing strategies, content creation techniques, and personalized branding advice,


"The Power Move" course is my most intense course and offer empowerment to anyone wanting to cross over into the online world but do not know where to start when it comes to building a personal brand. 


Becoming an influencer starts with just being yourself and allowing yourself to shine and stand out in a crowded digital landscape .  From here we cross you over into merging your brand and company values to  achieving your goals and becoming industry leaders.  

With focus on authenticity , creativity, and innovation, this program is the ultimate solution for regular everyday people looking to elevate and create   and take their online presence to the next level.

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The Power Move

Create and Elevate









The Power Move
12 Week Course Module 


Week 1

Getting Started

Getting Started.  Onboarding and goal setting implementation analysis.  The importance of getting started on the right foot.

Week 2

Content Creation & Training

Learn the ins and outs of Niche Building and growing your following. The top secrets gems in getting started that no one is talking about.

Week 3

Social Media Deep Dive

Social Media Strategy and Analytics>.learning the ins and outs of the nuances on all the different social platforms.

Week 4

Audience Engagement

Implementing audience engagement  strategies, through hands on training and audience engagement audits

Week 5

Personal Branding Strategies

Brand identity with coach guidance.  Personal branding strategies to launch your current business into overdrive.

Week 6

Collaboration and Partnership Training

Negotiation and collaboration strategies.  Understanding what companies and brands are most compatible to your brand as you are growing and establishing yourself in the market

Week 7

Community Building Immersion

Understanding the importance of community engagement to help build you a stronger brand

Week 8

Monetization Strategies

Hands-on training in executing sponsored content and affiliate marketing.  Learning how to implement your own company brand to create a consistent income stream.

Week 9

Image Development

Hands-on training impersonal branding and image management.  The importance of story telling for your brand.

Week 10

Public Relations and Media Training

Crafting press kit and media ptich with hands-on guidance

Week 11

Growth Hacking and Analytic Strategies

Implementation of growth hacking tactics with real-time support.

Week 12

Elevate Your Influencer  Future Planning

Discuss future goals and establish how to balance growing a brand online and remaining stable in your life offline.  Learning to balance it all so that it do not become another job but a place to express yourself and your brand.



Merge Your Boss Energy into A Digital Ecosystem To Create Lifetime Passive Income

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