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Win A One-On-One With Imsodliteful

Entry For A One On One With Me

Welcome to the Exclusive Birthday Raffle!

Hello everyone! I'm Katina, and in the spirit of my birthday, I'm excited to offer you a unique opportunity to win a one-on-one session with me. Whether you're looking to delve into business insights, explore personal development, or just have a friendly chat, this is your chance to connect directly and personally. We might end up brainstorming, laughing, sharing stories, or creating something new together!

How to Participate:

To enter the raffle, simply engage with any of the following activities on June 27th - June 30th.  It all starts on my special day:

  1. Follow and Engage on Instagram: Make sure you're following @imsodliteful and like or comment on our latest posts. Comment "it's your birthday! and I'm all in!!" This step is  mandatory to enter!  and choose from the list below to complete your entry.

  2. Join My Patreon Community: Any tier subscription on Patreon will count as an entry. Opens up on my birthday  at 5 pm with a swimsuit haul!! Lets go!  Let's get fit and and fine!  We outside!

  3. Purchase 'The F' It Principle!' eBook: Grab a copy of my ebook directly from our site.

  4. Collect a Limited Edition Birthday Photo: Available only during this 2-day sale in my instagram stories highlights. Spicy Birthday Photo to add to your collection only available during the birthday sale.   Only for the real fans and  collectors!! Birthday donation for a photo / a win win

  5. Subscribe to the Premium Newsletter: Stay updated with exclusive insights and updates with our once a month exclusive newsletter. All of our subscription products at a glance without the hefty charge.  You get the highlight reel!

  6. Subscribe to my Instagram Subscription:  Stay updated with highlighted exclusive here.  Trust me this is the place to be if you don't have a Patreon subscription.  See you there!!!

Rules and Guidelines:

  • Timing: All entries must be completed  by June 27th - 30th

  • Entry Confirmation: Ensure you leave your full name and email with each entry to enable us to reach out if you win.

  • Multiple Entries: More activities mean more chances to win! Each action grants you an additional entry into the raffle.

  • Selection Process: The winner will be randomly selected from the pool of entries and announced via email and on social media on July 1st.

This birthday, I wanted to do something special and what could be better than getting to know one of you a little better? So, let’s celebrate together with a chance for an unforgettable one-on-one chat!

Looking forward to seeing all your entries and sharing a bit of birthday joy with the lucky winner! Good luck, and let's make this birthday one to remember!


Win a One On One With Katina

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